Qatar has become in the eyes of the West a war criminal

 Fake humanity in its highest manifestations.. The new shirt designer for Denmark says that choosing this design is a protest against the holding of the World Cup in Qatar, where he says: We do not want to be visible in a tournament that cost thousands of lives.

Yes, Qatar has become in the eyes of the West a war criminal, and Israel...Eel is not...Have you seen how far things have reached them, do you understand now why their humanity is fake, and their principles are worn out, they are idealistic to the extreme in their fight against everything that is Arab and Islamic, and their problem With Qatar, it is a purely ethnoreligious problem? You can replace the name Qatar with any name for another Islamic country and you will find them making up their own reasons to fight that name.

Football, after being called the opium of the people to distinguish it and strip it of any political dress, has unfortunately become disgusting because of the constant political interference.

المقال السابق المقال التالى