Premier League become economic force for Britain, 


Premier League become an economic force for Britain,

Premier League become an economic force for Britain,

The Premier League is no longer just a football tournament but has become an important economic force for Britain,

 And this matter did not come between day and night, but because of a tight plan developed by the British government a decade ago to transform the English Premier League into a global tournament that attracts all the world, so they provided unprecedented facilities In Europe, for those who want to invest and buy a club, as well as modernizing the form of tactical play in general, 

Which is to change the reputation known about the league as being defensive or dependent on physical play to what we see today as the most beautiful and enjoyable football in Europe.


It is worth noting that the British treasury's imports from players' taxes "only" exceeded one and a half billion pounds, and the profits earned by the state in general exceed five billion pounds.

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