Semrush check domain authority score


Semrush check domain authority score for free

Semrush check domain authority score for free

Before What is a good Domain Authority?

One of the biggest questions surrounding Domain Authority Scores is, "What is a good Domain Authority?" Many website owners ask this question hoping to know the ideal number for better ranking in Google search results. So, what is a good domain authority score?

The truth is that there is no ideal or fixed number that you need to achieve to be successful. Moz's Domain Authority Scale ranges from 1-100. One is the worst score, while 100 is the best. Many businesses get the impression that they need a domain score of 100 because it's at the top of the scale. Even big companies like Amazon don't have a perfect 100 score, though!

What are Domain Authority, Authority Score, and Domain Rating?

If you look at the public help pages from the providers, the explanation of the metrics reads, at first glance, as exactly what you are looking for. For example, Moz writes :

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages. 

Semrush ‘s explanation of the similar-sounding Authority Score sounds even more comprehensive and useful:

Semrush Authority Score is our compound metric used for measuring a domain’s or webpage’s overall quality and SEO performance

Anyone who can measure the “overall quality” of a website is, at least rhetorically, reaching for the stars. Ahrefs doesn’t dive too deeply into the marketing bag of tricks when describing the metric and uses a comprehensible description:

Domain Rating (DR) shows the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in our database on a 100-point scale. It’s essentially a less granular version of Ahrefs Rank (AR

In essence, all three providers promise a key figure to evaluate and compare a domain from an SEO point of view. Sounds good and useful so far. Let’s look at how these metrics are calculated.

Semrush check domain authority score

What Is Semrush Authority Score?

Semrush Authority Score is our composite metric used to measure the overall quality and SEO effectiveness of a domain or webpage. The score is based on a number of metrics representing reliability and authority (more details below). It uses a neural network and machine learning to ensure scores are always accurate and fresh.

You can find this score when researching a domain or webpage in Domain Overview, Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit, or the SemRash Link Building Tool.

How Authority Score Is Calculated

How Authority Score Is Calculated

The Authority Score is the result of a calculation performed by a neural network algorithm that uses machine learning to measure the authority of each domain based on value, popularity, and backlink signals.

The calculation is performed in two steps:

Step 1. Our basic machine learning algorithm uses organic search data, website traffic data and backlink data to understand the rankings of the most popular and trusted domains on the web.

Step 2. The second algorithm uses backlink data to identify how a website's link gain increases or decreases its authority. Metrics for this calculation include:

 Number of referring domains pointing to the site

  1.  Your website is outranked by niche competitors
  2. Your recent SEO efforts may be less effective
  3. You might be a victim of negative SEO attacks
  4. Claims to clean your backlink profile of toxic links, etc
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