How to Improve Search Engines ?


How to Improve Search Engines

If you are interested in writing content and seek to work in this field, there is no doubt that you have heard a lot about SEO or what is known as how to improve search engines 2023  and take into account the conditions of SEO when writing exclusive content in Arabic or English SEO.

You may have tried to read about it, but you were surprised by the huge amount of information about this concept, which made you feel lost. Never mind, in today's article we will provide you with a comprehensive guide that answers all your questions about this concept easily and simply.

What is SEO or how to improve search engines in 2023?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, or “Search Engine Optimization 2021” and expresses practices that aim to increase and raise the quality of web traffic ( the number of visits to a specific website ), through unpaid search engines on search engines, what is known as In "Organic Search Results", that is, the regular, non-paid search. Although the term is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization 2021,” this concept is more about people than search engines. It is about: Understanding what users are searching for on the web. The answers they are seeking to find. The words they use in their online searches. The type of content they consume.

When you can identify these things, you will be able to connect users who search the Internet with the appropriate solutions offered by your website. It is worth noting that SEO is a two-sided coin, where the first side is knowing what users are searching for on the Internet, while the second side is presenting this information in a way that search engines can find and understand it so that they can deliver it to the user.

The importance of improvement and its different methods

SEO is part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For this field, specialized companies and consultants perform the process of creating search engines for their client's websites for trade.

There are two classifications of practices used in SEO 2023:

The first is the ( white hat ), which is a group of methods authorized by search engines, such as those provided by Google to site managers, and it includes the structure of the contents and improving the quality of the site.

The second is the ( black hat ), which is an illegal and unacceptable trick, which the owners of the (white hat) method consider an unfair way to improve the appearance of websites. And the owners of the (white hat) method respond to them by saying that the general goal of optimizing search engines is to improve the appearance of your site, and only you, in search engines, whatever the method.

Paid inclusion in search engine directories and organic search results.

The goal of search engine optimization is based on improving the rank and position of its position in the natural results when writing certain keywords through, for example, SEO check.

Search Engine Optimization 2023 is now offered as a separate service and part of e-marketing services, and it becomes very effective if taken into consideration before designing the website.

Any website on the Internet does not succeed unless visitors enter it, and there are many ways for visitors to enter your site, the most important of which is SEO operations, which is preparing your site for search engines so that it appears in the first results in Google so that people see the articles, and because Internet users who search for products are always and often What they use search engines like Google, they visit the first, second or third search result most likely and then change the search word, so the appearance of your site in the foreground is very important.

Types of SEO Factors in  2023

Types of SEO Factors in  2023

  • Factors affecting SEO are divided into two types:
  • Search engine optimization factors within the site

They are the internal factors of the site and include the main and sub-headings, HTML codes, content quality, internal links that link the various pages, and search keywords.

Off-site SEO factors

It is a group of factors that affect the ranking of your site in the 2023 Alexa search engines, and it is not related to HTML codes, and it includes:

external links

that refer to your site, but it must be taken into account that the links must be from reliable sources in order to have a good effect and help in good classification. While if it is from bad or banned sites from Google, it may have a bad effect, but it is very expensive.

social networks

The relevance of web pages is measured by the degree to which users interact with the site on social networks, ie the number of people who repost and comment on it. The higher the number, the more positive signals it sends to the search mechanisms.

The most important points that must be taken into account through SEO in 2023 are as follows:

  1. The site should be mobile-friendly optimization.
  2. The quality of the content posted on your site.
  3. The speed of the time the site is opened is usually no more than two seconds.

How do search engines work in 2023?

We can liken the emergence of search engines 2023 to an autoresponder, as they collect a huge amount of content, then organize and evaluate it based on thousands of factors until it determines the best content that will answer a specific question that the user asks when he searches for something on the Internet. Search engines are able to do this by exploring all forms of content available on the Internet (web pages, PDF files, images, videos ...etc) through a process called crawling and indexing, and then arranging them according to their compatibility with the query. The user entered into the search engine through a process called ranking.

What are organic search results?

As we have already explained above, Organic Search Results are the search results that appear to the user as a result of the effective use of SEO / SEO techniques, and no sums were paid by their owners to appear on the results page. In the past, it was easy to locate natural search results.

Where the advertising results appeared at the top of the results page, followed by 10 links to natural results. However, over time, the way results are displayed on search engines has changed. So how do you identify natural search results?

Today's SERP search results in pages contain more ads as well as dynamic natural search results that are distinguished by SERP features in addition to the normal natural search results.

Examples of dynamic search engines SERP features include:

Examples of dynamic search engines SERP features include:

Snippets or answer boxes that appear as an answer to your question at the top of the search page are inside a box.

  • Related results section or People Also Ask.
  • Section of images related to your search.

In addition to many other distinctive results that are constantly changing and evolving in line with users' tendencies and needs. It is worth noting that the SERP features in the Google search engine are completely natural (not paid), some of which are affected by SEO techniques, while others have nothing to do with search engine optimization techniques.

Examples of SERP features that are affected by SEO (their appearance on the first page of search results depends on their strength and the use of SEO in them):

The Snippets. Result related to your search, which sometimes appears in the form of boxes named: People Also Ask.

As for the distinctive result that is not affected by SEO techniques, it is that which includes information from reliable or specialized sites in the subject of research, such as Wikipedia, or IMDb, which specializes in evaluating films.

Is SEO ranking your site in search engines in 2023 or is SEO important?

Although paid ads and social media platforms are able to bring more visitors to your website, most of your online traffic comes through search engines.

Not only that, organic search results appear more reliable to specialized researchers and get more clicks than paid ads.

Whereas, among the search results that appear to users in the United States of America, users click on only 2.8% of the paid results.

Not only that, SEO is the only online marketing method that, if used well, will bring you continuous profits and satisfactory results at all times.

If you put appropriate content that deserves to be shown on the search engines page for a suitable keyword, the number of visits to your site will increase over time for free.

Whereas, content marketing by other means requires constant payments of money in order to increase traffic and the number of visitors.

Although the different search engines are getting smarter, they still need your help.

Therefore, you must improve your site so that you can better communicate the information to the search engine so that the latter can find this information, index it, and then display it on the search engines page.

Do I need to Hire an SEO specialist for my website to succeed?

It actually depends on a lot of factors like how much you want to know more about SEO. The complexity of your website. your brand size.

You can undoubtedly apply some of the basics of SEO if you wish, but you can also get help from a specialist in the field if you wish, and in both cases, it will benefit you. However, if you choose to hire an SEO specialist, be sure to choose it carefully, as there are many companies that provide search engine optimization services, but they differ in the quality of the service they provide and the extent of their effectiveness. Correct SEO will ensure that you save a lot of time, effort, and money while using these techniques incorrectly will cause great harm to your site. Well done!

Search engines and search engine management tools Optimizing your site for search engines may seem like a daunting task, but you should know that search engines actually want you to succeed, and will help you to do so too.

It, of all kinds, offers webmasters many search engine management tools or what is known as Webmaster Tools, and it attaches these tools with a comprehensive guide on how to use them and the best ways to achieve the best result.

Although these tools are different and varied, they all follow a basic rule: don't try to fool the search engines, and instead do your best to provide your users with a unique online experience.

1- Google Webmaster Guidelines

  • Main principles:

Create your pages for users, not search engines.

Don't deceive your website users.

Avoid resorting to tricks and devious ways to improve your ranking on the search engines page.

Ask yourself before doing anything:

"Is this helpful to my visitors?" and "Would I do this if there were no search engines?"

Always think about what makes your site special, unique, or more attractive to users.


  1. Programmatically generated content.
  2. Link scams: that is, the use of links in illegal ways with the aim of manipulating numbers and arranging results on the search page.
  3. Create web pages with little or no content or content that is not original (copied from other sites).
  4. Content spoofing (so that crawlers are shown different content than users). 
  5. Hidden texts and links.
  6. Doorway Pages: These are web pages that are specially designed to achieve high numbers in a specific search and then convert this traffic to your own site.
  7.  You can read all of the Google Webmaster Help in the Google Help Forum.

2- Bing Webmaster Guidelines Key Principles:

Provide clear, deep, engaging content that is easy to find on your site.

Keep titles clear and relevant to the content.

Do not neglect the speed of the webpage display page and the importance of providing a satisfactory user experience.

Make sure to perform and use Alt Text metadata to describe images as it helps Bing better understand the content of images. Links are a sign of popularity, and Bing especially values ​​links that grow naturally (without paid ads)

Social influence and content sharing on social media is a positive sign and affects your organic ranking on the search results page on Bing.


  1. Poor content and web pages that display ads only or redirect users to other sites.
  2. Abusive linking techniques aim to increase the number of internal links on a specific page.
  3. Like buying links and any other illegal scams. Use of stolen or duplicated content on multiple web pages.
  4. Excessive use of keyword stuffing.
  5. Content cloaking (so that web crawlers are shown different content than what is shown to users).

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